Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tammi's 50+ Followers Giveaway Contest

Tammi from http://cultureenthusiast.blogspot.com/ is having a giveaway in conjunction with her blog's 50+ followers. It's really simple to join. Below are the excerpt from her blog:

Hey everyone...some of you contacted me about wanting to join the giveaway, but you don't have a YouTube account. Since I'd really love for all of you to join, I'm revising the contest rules a little bit. It is now optional to subscribe to my YouTube channel but extra brownie points if you do. :)

So here are the updated contest rules:
1) Follow my blog
2) Re-post about the giveaway on your blog (if you have one)
3) Leave a comment w/link of where you re-posted & tell me something that we share in common!

These are the fabulous prizes!


  1. hi jessy,

    you're so cute, i like the way you are
    add me to your link too


    if you have time, add me to your facebook


    thanks,.......have a nice day

  2. I saw your entry on tammi's blog. This is a great giveaway right? I'm gonna follow you, I'd love it if you'd link to me too! my blog is julujewelry.blogspot.com

  3. Thanks for the comments! I just saw it today. Am glad you guys are following me. =) will link you both definitely.