Monday, September 28, 2009

Mid Autumn Mooncake Festival

Mid autumn mooncake festival is coming soon this Sunday. *Updated: it should be Saturday! I got some mooncakes from my friend and indulged in one. Only one, because i don't want to add more fats into my already chubby body. =)

This is the one i opened. Its name is Sesame White Lotus Single Yolk from Tai Thong. Tai Thong is a chain of Chinese restaurants in Malaysia. It is not available in Singapore i think.
Today was my day off as I was working yesterday (Sunday). Had the chance to go Vivo City for my facial and did some little shopping at Bugis. Got a MAC eyeliner (my first buy from MAC!), some Face Shop nail polish, a pair of cheap shoes and also a Cancam magazine.

From left, RD303 a deep maroon, GR501 apple green? and BL604 which i'd call midnight blue. =)
Shall I do NOTD to show you the colours? What do you think?

My 'virginal' buy from MAC. Hey..wait a minute. No, this is not the first item i bought from MAC. I bought the eyelash curler few years ago. So, this should be my second buy. Hehe..

Powerpoint eye pencil in Tealo, a deep green colour. I don't have any green eyeliner , this will be a good addition to my collection IMHO.
The pair of shoes i got from Bugis Village for $15. It is very comfortable. Its brand is Vincci on the inside but the gold plate states Kunzhilian or something like that.
My magazine indulgence: Cancam November issue, GWP is a Jill Stuart flowery tote.
I'll do the NOTD tomorrow, if i am off early from work. Hugs and kisses.

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