Monday, September 14, 2009

I think I am a Shopaholic

Last Friday was one of my friend's birthday and i needed to get him a present. I was thinking of getting him a perfume so dropped by Sasa to have a look. Got him a Davidoff Cool Water Game which is really nice smelling. I was browsing the store when the SA talked me into buying some stuff which i do not need. -_-'''

From top left, Cyber Colours BB Cream (SGD 29.90), this magic hair pin up thingy, fake lashes, Sasa mirror and Maybelline Fruity Jelly lip glosses (SGD 8.50 for 2!)

These fake lashes were going for 3 pairs for just $6 although only limited to 2 choices. I got 2 in criss-cross and one in natural. Gonna give one pair of the criss cross type to my cousin.

How cute is this mirror from Sasa? SUPER!

The SA introduced me to this BB cream from Cyber Colours, which is a new product if i'm not wrong. After seeing the hype of BB cream in the market, thought of giving this a try.

On the tube, it mentions moisturising, whitening, natural coverage and anti-aging. Sounds wonderful. =)

Below is the swatch i did for your viewing pleasure:

My skin has a lot of freckles as you can see..
After, it seems to really cover up my freckles and even out the skin tone. I have not tried this on my face though.

One fashion pic, a dress given to me by someone whom i thought was special to me. Now, he's not anymore. =(

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