Saturday, September 19, 2009

One of my favourite cosmetics is eye make up. I love mascara, eye liner, and of course eye shadow!. Today, i'm gonna show you some of the eye shadows i own and the swatches. Pardon me if the swatches are not perfect as this is my first time doing it. =)

With flash
Without lash

I love this range of eye shadows from O2 Skin, a local brand in Singapore.

The 5 colors that I have. I bought the first two at $6.95 each. Once, i saw the booth in Orchard Cineleisure and it was going for $2.95 each, so i bought three more =)

With flash

Without flash
ZA Eyes Vibrante $10.90 from Watsons. There is a promo now if i am not wrong, only $8.90 for 1 pallete.

With flash
Without flashElf

With flashWithout flashLa PenseeWith flash

Without flash
With flash
From left, Body Shop Shimmer Buds in Golden Dandelion & Green Nettle, Ombre A Paupieres Lumineuse Eye Shadow in 02 and Stila Shadow Pot in Sky/12.
Swatches for Body Shop and Ombre.
Without flash.

With flash.

Stila Shadow Pot without flash

Last but not least, Majolica Majorca.

Without flash

With flash

They even included the instruction on how to apply it. As you can see i bought this from Malaysia for RM49.90, relatively cheaper than Singapore which is $25.90.

That's all for this post. I'm thinking of what other colours should i get as i have lots of brown. I'll be going back to Malaysia tomorrow as it's a long weekend holiday in Singapore due to Hari Raya. Will be going to Watsons definitely. Shall post my haul (if any) when i'm back.

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