Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last Haul Before November Comes

This is my last haul before my next pay day! Some stuff i got from Watsons:

Palmer's Olive Body Butter & Good Look hair mousse

The body butter has a really refreshing smell which i liked a lot. Initially wanted to get some lotion but saw this and thought of trying it. It is really moisturizing and has anti aging peptide complex (whatever that means). The hair mousse is really affordable, only $5.90 as compared to other brands like L'oreal, Sexy Girl, etc, which are usually above $10. However, it doesn't really hold my curls and tend to make them frizzy. Boo..I'll just stick to my styling gel (will post a picture of it next time).

Some face products: Activa Brightening Mask (less than $3), Fairy Drops Mascara (!!) & Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets.

The Cleansing Oil cotton sheets really work wonders. I usually buy the small packet as it's more convenient and i can just toss it in my gym bag. It's cheap as well. Around $3.

I really really like the packaging of Fairy Drops coz it's pink! The wand is unique, as you can see on the cover. I have not opened it yet, but have tried the demo at Watsons. I think it's pretty good. Perhaps i could do a review of this against another brand of mascara.

Ending my post with a NOTD. This is done with one of the $1 nail polish. This color is really sweet in person (i mean the color, not me, hehe).

Without flash

With flash

The texture is bad, not smooth at all, creates streaks and worst of all, the polish in the bottle is drying. This is just the first application! That's the result of $1 nail polish i guess >.<

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nail Polish & Magazines Haul

I got some really cheap nail polishes at Tg Pagar MRT station on Wednesday. The polish was going for $1 each!! I also got a base, top coat, nail art pen and glitter nail art polish.

The base and top coat was $5 for both. The nail art pen that i got could create 3-D type of design, which is something new that i learned about. From the photo it looks like blue but actually it's purple. The glitter polish was in gold.

The $1 nail polishes:

Look at this bottle, with a big diamante on top. Kawaii!

The SA also recommended this Cuticle Revitaliser Oil, which i find quite effective. Although the brand on it states OPI but i doubt it's original. It costs only $10 for 3 (i got it together with the other 2 nail art polishes).

It came with a Stila Lip Glaze type of brush, which is quite neat! No spilling.

Some magines with GWP.

Chic Magazine, only $2.80, with a nail polish GWP:

I chose the color Star Coral 12077:

Sweet Japanese Magazine, with Charlotte Ronson makeup pouch and matching scrunchie in leopard print ~ Lurve

Really 'sweet'~~

Finally, a Hello Kitty mook, it is so so so adorable!

I have not opened it yet, so just took a close up photo of how the bag looks like:

I really should stop spending anymore $ this month. I am very broke now. This happens to me whenever mid/end of the month approaches. =(

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Make Me Blushhh First Year Anniversary Giveaway

Make Me Blushhh is having a first year anniversary giveaway. It's interesting because she has divided into a series of giveaways so that more people can win. It's so thoughtful of her. This is the first one:

The Prize:
  • OPI Nail Polish
  • LUSH Snowcake Soap
  • Dior DiorShow Mascara sample
How To Enter/Win:
  • Leave a comment telling her the kind of makeup/cosmetics products interests you the most (i.e color makeup, nail polish, skin care products etc)
  • Your comment will count as 1 entry
Extra Entries
  • Being a follower earns you a extra entry
  • Mentioning this giveaway on your blog (include the link on your comment)
In total you can earn up to 3 entries by doing all of the above. She will randomly choose a winner among all the entries. Giveaway ends October 26, 2009 at 12:00AM


The second giveaway:

The Prize:
  • The Face Shop nail polish
  • Flowery nail decals
  • Glittery nail deco pack

How To Enter/Win:
  • You must be a follower of the blog or a subscriber
  • Leave a comment recommending her a nail polish shade for the winter, include link if possible, i.e. Essie Chinchilly
  • She will select the winner based on the shade she like best

Basically the prizes are awesome. I am totally joining both but first, i need to research on some winter nail polish colours!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Review: Watsons Bird's Nest Essence Facial Mask

Hi. As promised, this is my review about the Bird's Nest Mask that i got last week, especially done for Pris. =) I've never done any review before, but i do hope this will help you to decide whether to get this mask.

Photo of the product:
Ingredients (sorry couldn't get it in 1 photo, so separated it into 2):

I like this mask as it has a plastic sheet which comes with the mask, ensuring you don't have to unfold the mask in a mess, you know, with the essence dripping. Once i put it on, it gives a cooling feeling even though i did not put it in the fridge beforehand. Usually i do put my mask in the fridge to cool it first.

It recommends to wait for 15 to 20 minutes before removing it. After that, there will still be some essence on your face, which you need to gently massage into your face.

I would say it doesn't really have an immediate effect that you can see with the naked eye. Although my face is the oily type, it doesn't make my face oilier, which is a good point. I can't think of any con of this product. On the box, it states that it will leave your skin silky smooth, with a natural radiance. There are 6 pieces in a box, which could last me for 1 month plus i guess. Would i repurchase? Yes of course unless i find a better mask to replace this. Hehe..

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Never Ending Haul

Happy Deepavali! Before the weekend started, i've already bought some stuff which i kinda regretted. Anyway, the damage has been done, sadly. I was passing by Raffles Place at Chevron House when i chanced upon the Lancaster roadshow. It reminded me about the SMS that i received about the goodies bag. So, i went over to ask about it and as always, it's already fully redeemed. =( I was going to leave when i saw the Retinology was on display there. To make a long story short, i went away with a bag filled with Lancaster stuff.

I had a sample of this product previously from a magazine freebie. It was quite good as my skin looks smoother and brighter with continuous use of the product. It states that it lifts your face, making it look younger. I don't feel that though. The one i bought is 30ml which is quite ok considering you only need less than a pea size of it per application. Let's hope it will justify its price, $138! To me, it's quite pricey. I got some freebies though.

Also dropped by Watsons to look around and they were having a promo. Buy any 1 box of their in-house mask, get 2 pieces of masks free. I bought the Bird Nest one and got the Rose Water& Chamomile for free.

Had been wanting to get a red color lipstick for awhile now, and thought this Maybelline one looks ok.

Swatch - not very nice boo

Other random stuff i picked up.

Today, went to Orchard to meet my mom after her work and got some magazines from Prologue, a book shop in Ion. Wanted to get them coz of the GWP! Read about this from Haru's blog.

Elle had 3 freebies - The Body Shop Love Etc EDP 2ml, a pouch and a Biotherm White D-tox Nuit. Super worthy! Amica came with one i nouvi Liptreat. This is not bad too.

After reading so much about Etude House, i finally know where to find it in Singapore. The place is really quite hard to find if you are not familiar with Orchard area. It's located near to the MRT exit to CK Tang from Ion. Today they had a free mask for every person who walked into their store, i think even without purchase.

These are some stuff i got:

O2 White Mask Sheet is the freebie, while i got the Pomegranate mask, a couple of nail polish and a pink eyeshadow. The eyeshadow is really shimmery. Forgot to do a swatch though. Hehe..

Ending my post with a NOTD:

Gold Shimmer from Majolica Majorca

I think my post seems a little advertorial today. Haha..but no worries, it is not. I am simply a girl who cannot control the shopaholic inside her. I wish i was more of a 'save-aholic'!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


This is a look i did for a night out last week. The pallete i used is Givenchy Eyeshadow Quarter in Black Denim which i bought from Pris' blog sale. I can't remember which mascara i used >.<
A close up look. I was using the eyeliner from MAC, Powerpoint eye pencil in Teal. I like this color a lot! My bff commented that teal doesn't really match my purple lenses but i think it's Ok.

This is me then.. =)

Sorry for the short post, am really busy this whole week due to work =( boo...but I'm happy the weekend is near as I don't need to work this Saturday! It's the Diwali festival here in Singapore. I shall find time to blog this weekend, I promise =)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tags/Awards by Freshelle

Sorry...I have been MIA for almost a week due to work. It was a hectic week for me as there was a company event that i had to organize. Anyway, this is just a post for the tags/awards i've received from Freshelle. Thank you !! ^_^ My first and i'm receiving so many.. lol.. I'm not really sure how to do this, i guess i'll just follow Elle's sequence.. =) Here goes:

Gorgeous Blogger Award (6 interesting facts about myself):
1. I've stayed in many places around Malaysia when i was younger. It's because of my dad's work. I've stayed in KL, Kuantan, Labuan, Johor, PJ. You can imagine how many schools i've went to!
2. I am the only Chinese in my office. Nobody to talk to in Mandarin =(
3. My eyesight is very very bad, which is around -8.00 for each side. I really want to do Lasik!
4. I used to hate retro music but i really like it now. Does it mean i am getting older at heart?
5. This is really hard, i don't know what is interesting about me. Haha..
6. I have a tattoo on my hip (butterflies and flowers). Maybe can post the picture here someday.
Dinner Party Tag: If you were going to allow us to spend a night at your home, we'd like to know the following:
1. What books are on your shelf?
Dan Brown, Sophie Kinsella, etc. Can't really remember =)
2. What DVDs are on your shelf?
Most of it are my mom's Hong Kong serials and i have lots of horror movies and chick flicks.
3. What are your two favourite cook books?
I don't read cook books but my mom has plenty.
4. Select 1-3 recipes you will cook for your special guests.
If i can cook well, i would definitely prepare carbonara pasta, buffalo wings and fish and chips as these are my favourite food!
5. What will we be drinking that's available?
Malibu Pineapple, the usual beer, or plum sake.

Question with one word answers

Where's your cell phone: desk
Your hair: curled
Your mother: loving
Your father: funny
Favorite food: Japanese
Dream last night: None
Favorite drink: Japanese green tea
What room are you in now: office
Hobby: Facebook
Fear: rats
Where were you last night: Orchard
Something that you aren't: gorgeous
Muffins: chocolate
Wish list item: LV
Where did you grow up: Malaysia
What are you wearing: dress
Your pets: none
Friends: few
Something you're not wearing: bracelet
Favorite store: F21
Favorite color: pink
Last time you laughed: forgot
Your best friend: Pinky
Place you go to over and over: Bugis
Person who emails you regularly: staff
Favorite place to eat: home
Phew! Finally i'm done. I don't know whom shall I tag so i guess whoever reads this and has a blog, you're tagged! ^_^

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Glam, Sparkle and Pop Giveaway!

Stumbled upon Pop Champange's blog with this giveaway.

Some excerpts:

This giveaway is open to all bloggers, domestic and international.

Deadline: November 1st, 2009

Prizes: There will be 2 winners and here are the prizes

Prize 1:Prize 2:You gotta be a follower of Glam, Sparkle and Pop as well. I like the name of her blog shop =)
Join in the fun!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

NOTD & Esprique Precious

Oh..the weekend passes by so quickly. It's already Sunday night, tomorrow is a new working week. I am dreading it =p I was at BHG Bugis yesterday and they were having the bi-annual super sale. Almost everything was on sale and you get rebate vouchers for cosmetic and fragrance products buys. I so wanted to get something but unfortunately was short on time as i was catching a movie.

Anyway, i managed to go back today to satisfy the shopaholic in me. =D

At first, i wanted to get the Coffret D'or eye makeup pallete but the SA is totally unfriendly. I moved over to the Kose counter and the SA at least spoke to me in a decent manner. Wonder what's up with these SAs in BHG? I bought the Esprique Precious pallete in T-5 and also some Bourjois products. Bourjois SA is so much better!

Here are my hauls:

I asked the SA to recommend me some colours for daily look and she said T-5 should be good. It is also a limited edition colour. I asked her to demo it on my eyes but she can't do so as it was the sales period. She did ask me to go back after the sales so she could do it for me. Not bad!

I got a blusher and 2 mini nail polish from Bourjois . The mini items are too cute to resist. I have been eying these for some time now. Finally got it.

Left to right: Blush in 15 Rose Eclat, mini polish in 15 Breakfast a Londres (a pale beige with shimmers) and 38 Diner a Paris (a dark brown with shimmers).

The blusher came with a brush inside.Swatch. Isn't it pretty?

My NOTD. It's a bit pale don't you think? This is after 2 coats.
I added some crystals to add some pizazz to it. =)
Sorry about the crooked nail. Have broken it some time ago and waiting for it to grow back.
Happy new week and cheers~