Sunday, October 4, 2009

NOTD & Esprique Precious

Oh..the weekend passes by so quickly. It's already Sunday night, tomorrow is a new working week. I am dreading it =p I was at BHG Bugis yesterday and they were having the bi-annual super sale. Almost everything was on sale and you get rebate vouchers for cosmetic and fragrance products buys. I so wanted to get something but unfortunately was short on time as i was catching a movie.

Anyway, i managed to go back today to satisfy the shopaholic in me. =D

At first, i wanted to get the Coffret D'or eye makeup pallete but the SA is totally unfriendly. I moved over to the Kose counter and the SA at least spoke to me in a decent manner. Wonder what's up with these SAs in BHG? I bought the Esprique Precious pallete in T-5 and also some Bourjois products. Bourjois SA is so much better!

Here are my hauls:

I asked the SA to recommend me some colours for daily look and she said T-5 should be good. It is also a limited edition colour. I asked her to demo it on my eyes but she can't do so as it was the sales period. She did ask me to go back after the sales so she could do it for me. Not bad!

I got a blusher and 2 mini nail polish from Bourjois . The mini items are too cute to resist. I have been eying these for some time now. Finally got it.

Left to right: Blush in 15 Rose Eclat, mini polish in 15 Breakfast a Londres (a pale beige with shimmers) and 38 Diner a Paris (a dark brown with shimmers).

The blusher came with a brush inside.Swatch. Isn't it pretty?

My NOTD. It's a bit pale don't you think? This is after 2 coats.
I added some crystals to add some pizazz to it. =)
Sorry about the crooked nail. Have broken it some time ago and waiting for it to grow back.
Happy new week and cheers~


  1. that is a really nice palette!!! the color swatches remind me of the Dress on Shiny eyes C-2. All of their product look really good!What were you going to buy at the Coffret Dor counter?

  2. Very pretty palette, I wish they were more available in the US!

  3. what a niceee palette!! please show us an EOTD using that when you have time =)
    im a follower now - looking forward to your future posts!

  4. thanks for the comments you all. made me smile =)

    popcorn: i wanted to get the eye makeup palette at coffret d'or. not sure which one, but the SA didn't really looked interested to recommend me anything >.<

    babybubblz: if u want, we can do a swap! =)

    freshelle: thanks for following me. i'll try to do an EOTD but i'm too shy to show photos of my face close up coz too many freckles & pimple scars! boo =( will do one when i summon the courage

  5. I always love the cute bottles from bourjois! nice color girl..


  6. ah i have this same palette, it is very easy for subtle smokey work looks i hope you have fun with this =)