Saturday, October 24, 2009

Review: Watsons Bird's Nest Essence Facial Mask

Hi. As promised, this is my review about the Bird's Nest Mask that i got last week, especially done for Pris. =) I've never done any review before, but i do hope this will help you to decide whether to get this mask.

Photo of the product:
Ingredients (sorry couldn't get it in 1 photo, so separated it into 2):

I like this mask as it has a plastic sheet which comes with the mask, ensuring you don't have to unfold the mask in a mess, you know, with the essence dripping. Once i put it on, it gives a cooling feeling even though i did not put it in the fridge beforehand. Usually i do put my mask in the fridge to cool it first.

It recommends to wait for 15 to 20 minutes before removing it. After that, there will still be some essence on your face, which you need to gently massage into your face.

I would say it doesn't really have an immediate effect that you can see with the naked eye. Although my face is the oily type, it doesn't make my face oilier, which is a good point. I can't think of any con of this product. On the box, it states that it will leave your skin silky smooth, with a natural radiance. There are 6 pieces in a box, which could last me for 1 month plus i guess. Would i repurchase? Yes of course unless i find a better mask to replace this. Hehe..


  1. lately masks have been really popular. thanks for the review! there are soo many masks to choose from and it is nice to narrow down the choices! you are soo lucky to have Watsons! I really hope that it comes to the states, but i doubt that will ever happen. hehe

  2. thanks for the review Jessy! it's the first time anyone did a review specially for me!! i feel special hehe...i'll probably get those when i'm done with my silkwhitia masks! :) 30ml of essence is ALOT for one application. i usually squeeze the excess essence into the pack before application, then pour the remaining essence into a bottle... haha, then i'll get those DIY paper masks and soak them with the essence..that way it'll maximize usage! :p i'm such a cheapo eh?

  3. Popcorn: i can always do swap with you for Watsons products if you want!

    Pris: You're not a cheapo la. I never thought of doing that to the excess essence. I usually just apply it on my neck and arms. Maybe i should try your way. I used to wonder what those DIY paper masks are for, now i know! =)

  4. ooo thanks for the review! these look interesting, I usually only eat birds nest lol!