Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NOTD: The Face Shop

As promised, these are the 2 colours from my purchase at the Face Shop. I shall post the deep maroon one later on.

BL604 Midnight Blue
Gr501 Apple Green
Last night, i was very proud of myself as i managed to cook something which is tasty (instead of being just edible). I present to you, my version of Fried Rice with Egg and Celery. For those who doesn't like celery, this might not appeal to you.Does it look yummy? It is to me. =)

It's already mid-week. Looking forward to the weekends!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Mid Autumn Mooncake Festival

Mid autumn mooncake festival is coming soon this Sunday. *Updated: it should be Saturday! I got some mooncakes from my friend and indulged in one. Only one, because i don't want to add more fats into my already chubby body. =)

This is the one i opened. Its name is Sesame White Lotus Single Yolk from Tai Thong. Tai Thong is a chain of Chinese restaurants in Malaysia. It is not available in Singapore i think.
Today was my day off as I was working yesterday (Sunday). Had the chance to go Vivo City for my facial and did some little shopping at Bugis. Got a MAC eyeliner (my first buy from MAC!), some Face Shop nail polish, a pair of cheap shoes and also a Cancam magazine.

From left, RD303 a deep maroon, GR501 apple green? and BL604 which i'd call midnight blue. =)
Shall I do NOTD to show you the colours? What do you think?

My 'virginal' buy from MAC. Hey..wait a minute. No, this is not the first item i bought from MAC. I bought the eyelash curler few years ago. So, this should be my second buy. Hehe..

Powerpoint eye pencil in Tealo, a deep green colour. I don't have any green eyeliner , this will be a good addition to my collection IMHO.
The pair of shoes i got from Bugis Village for $15. It is very comfortable. Its brand is Vincci on the inside but the gold plate states Kunzhilian or something like that.
My magazine indulgence: Cancam November issue, GWP is a Jill Stuart flowery tote.
I'll do the NOTD tomorrow, if i am off early from work. Hugs and kisses.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some accessories

Hi..i'm back from Malaysia. It's another working day tomorrow =( Why does the weekend go by so fast? Anyway, was planning to post on my buys in Msia but i didn't buy much except for an eye shadow from In2it and a nail polish. Today, i did go to Bugis Junction for a stroll with my mom, supposedly for window shopping but ended up with some accessories. Here are my buys from a stall located at the entrance next to Mos Burger. The name of the stall is Six Road Show. They were having sale, necklaces going for $8 each, earrings $6 per pair, bracelets around $6 if i'm not wrong and rings for $6 each. Ok, enough with the blabbing, here are some piccies!
Clear crystal dangling earrings

Chandelier earrings

I love this colourful leaf earrings. The colours are so sweet..

Pearl with some crystals

The only bracelet in the bunch. Shiny silver.

Sorry about the ugly editing, coz my ugly chin was in the pic, so i cut it out. ;)

The 2 rings i got. Did you notice? The left one matches my leaf earrings. Luv!Also,

Got this long bohemian style necklace from Diva.

Again, i dropped by Kinokuniya, a Japanese book store chain. Wanted to see if there is any nice mooks available but all were too expensive for my budget. But...i did spot that Harper's Bazaar was having a GWP (exclusively at Kino).

The freebie was a Loreal shampoo (anti-dandruff).

The description on the shampoo:

As Kino was having a 20% discount storewide for its 7th anniversary, i got this book to add to my reading list.

Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel

That's all folks. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Happy new working/studying week to you all!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

One of my favourite cosmetics is eye make up. I love mascara, eye liner, and of course eye shadow!. Today, i'm gonna show you some of the eye shadows i own and the swatches. Pardon me if the swatches are not perfect as this is my first time doing it. =)

With flash
Without lash

I love this range of eye shadows from O2 Skin, a local brand in Singapore.

The 5 colors that I have. I bought the first two at $6.95 each. Once, i saw the booth in Orchard Cineleisure and it was going for $2.95 each, so i bought three more =)

With flash

Without flash
ZA Eyes Vibrante $10.90 from Watsons. There is a promo now if i am not wrong, only $8.90 for 1 pallete.

With flash
Without flashElf

With flashWithout flashLa PenseeWith flash

Without flash
With flash
From left, Body Shop Shimmer Buds in Golden Dandelion & Green Nettle, Ombre A Paupieres Lumineuse Eye Shadow in 02 and Stila Shadow Pot in Sky/12.
Swatches for Body Shop and Ombre.
Without flash.

With flash.

Stila Shadow Pot without flash

Last but not least, Majolica Majorca.

Without flash

With flash

They even included the instruction on how to apply it. As you can see i bought this from Malaysia for RM49.90, relatively cheaper than Singapore which is $25.90.

That's all for this post. I'm thinking of what other colours should i get as i have lots of brown. I'll be going back to Malaysia tomorrow as it's a long weekend holiday in Singapore due to Hari Raya. Will be going to Watsons definitely. Shall post my haul (if any) when i'm back.