Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hello..On Sat & Sun last week, TLB the magazine was having a road show in Bugis Junction. My friend and I stumbled upon it and the promoter said that we'll get a bag of goodies if we purchase a copy. So we did. These are the stuff in the bag:

I don't know how to change the photos layout! Help!

Clockwise from top right, Sexy Girl paper bag -_-''', cosmetics & beauty products samples, Bodyshop Colourglide samples (Berry Shimmer & Pink Ginger), Johnson & Johnson baby lotion, some skincare product & food stuff.

I can't seem to sort out the photos layout...hmm, i guess i'll tell you about my Body Shop haul in my next post then. TTFN

P/s: I just saw from the preview that the layout of the photos totally doesn't match to what i described above. Sorry for the confusion~


  1. wow..I love those stuff!hey I know the model in tlb's magazine her name is novy..:)
    I want to go to SG!:)

  2. Hi Marnelli, just saw your comment today. Sorry for being slow. How'd you get to know the model? Is she your friend?