Saturday, May 29, 2010

Loot from The Body Shop Sales

Long due post on my haul from the Body Shop sales in March/April. I can't even remember which month was it that i bought these stuff!
The stuff i got were some essentials that i normally use.
I love Body Butter especially the Shea one.

From top left, clockwise: Black Velvet Apricot; Shea; Peach (yums)
If i'm not wrong, Black Velvet Apricot is a LE from Christmas 2009.

Dewberry Bath & Shower Gel (classic!) & Strawberry Body Polish

Shea travelling set containing a shower puff, a body butter, shower cream & body scrub.

It comes with a pouch that has green inner lining, which is soothing to look at. I really like the Shea smell, it's so yummy!

I guess these stuff can last me for a few months. My friend said i'm a bit loony for getting so many Body Butters but it's my favourite product from TBS.. ^^ There were many other things which i wanted to get but didn't, as the long queue at the cashier allowed me to review the stuff I picked up. Long queues are not that bad after all! =)

MAC Haul

Walked into MAC to check out the Pret-A-Papier collection but it didn't interest me much. Anyhow, the SA managed to attract me with the promo, where you buy above $80, you'll be given a $10? voucher and a lipglass. =) i'm a sucker for this kind of promo.
Here's my haul!
From top, clockwise: Select Sheer/Loose; Lustre Lipstick (Cyndi Lauper); the freebie lipglass, Technakohl Liner; Paint Pot

Paint Pot in Delft. The SA recommended this shade as it's quite popular. I've not used any kind of shadow like this before except for a Stila one, many many years ago.

Under sunlight

With flash. Sorry, no swatch coz i don't wanna use my finger to dab it. >.<

Technakohl in Auto-De-Blu

Under sunlight

Select Sheer/Loose. Got this to use on top of my usual BB cream.

I'm a NC 15? This is what the SA recommended. I'm curious, how do they actually determine your skin color? Hmm...

When i took this out from the box, i was surprised with the Not For Sale sticker on it. I'm not sure why it's there but I definitely paid for this.

Cyndi Lauper next to the freebie lipglass. Happy family! ^^

Ichikami Shampoo and Conditioner

Bought this shampoo and conditioner set from Watson's just now. It's a brand i've not seen before and i'm very eager to try it out!

The desciption on the bottle says that it contains Rice Premium EX (Yusuru seesence, oil and protein originate in rice bran) plus 6 kinds of pure Japanese Herbal Essences! Actually i don't really know what are those but the shampoos smells good! =)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel

My buy for Labour Day! I read from Rouge Deluxe that BHG is having a sale so I trotted down there this evening. I have been wanting to get this moisturizer from Clinique for the longest time.

Reason I bought this is I have tried using the sample before and my face feels more supple after using it. My face used to be oily at the T-zone but really dry on the cheeks. After using this, my whole face became more balanced..not so much oilyness and no flaking skin on the cheeks as well. This means my face is well moisturized right? Hope my theory is correct.

The pump dispenser

Back of the bottle

A dollop I used for night time


There was also a 10% rebate voucher for my purchase and this can only be used on 3rd May onwards but not on cosmetics and skincare! Boo
Hope you enjoyed reading my simple entry!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Magazines GWP

Hello! I bought these 2 magazines some time back and thought of sharing it here.

First up is Steady magazine from Japan - April EditionIt came with a free HbG lunch tote/tote. It looked quite big on the cover but when opened, it is actually kinda small. It's more like a lunch tote. HbG stands for HamburGirl.
Sorry for the blurry photo!
HbG logo
The print up close.
Some features in the magazine.

Another magazine that I got, just for the sake of the GWP.

Singapore Tatler came with a free L'Occitance box of goodies.

There are 3 items: a body cream, a Radiance Cleansing Foam and a bar of the golden branch soap. It smells really delicious. Something I would associate with butter cream. =)

I have been missing in action due to some happenings in my family but I can say that I'm definitely back for more beauty blogging. I've been a silent reader for the past few months with a couple of comments here and there. Did you guys notice? ;)