Sunday, May 2, 2010

Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel

My buy for Labour Day! I read from Rouge Deluxe that BHG is having a sale so I trotted down there this evening. I have been wanting to get this moisturizer from Clinique for the longest time.

Reason I bought this is I have tried using the sample before and my face feels more supple after using it. My face used to be oily at the T-zone but really dry on the cheeks. After using this, my whole face became more balanced..not so much oilyness and no flaking skin on the cheeks as well. This means my face is well moisturized right? Hope my theory is correct.

The pump dispenser

Back of the bottle

A dollop I used for night time


There was also a 10% rebate voucher for my purchase and this can only be used on 3rd May onwards but not on cosmetics and skincare! Boo
Hope you enjoyed reading my simple entry!


  1. hey jessie! good to see you are back :D

  2. Great to hear you are liking this :)

    P.S Thanks for your comment. I agree...hehe.