Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NOTD: The Face Shop

As promised, these are the 2 colours from my purchase at the Face Shop. I shall post the deep maroon one later on.

BL604 Midnight Blue
Gr501 Apple Green
Last night, i was very proud of myself as i managed to cook something which is tasty (instead of being just edible). I present to you, my version of Fried Rice with Egg and Celery. For those who doesn't like celery, this might not appeal to you.Does it look yummy? It is to me. =)

It's already mid-week. Looking forward to the weekends!!


  1. Wow that fried rice is yummyyyy hehe I would have 2 bowls :)

    Thanks for swatching those nail polishes...

  2. no problem..i'm always glad to share! come to singapore, i can try cooking that fried rice again but the outcome might not be the same! LOL