Thursday, October 15, 2009


This is a look i did for a night out last week. The pallete i used is Givenchy Eyeshadow Quarter in Black Denim which i bought from Pris' blog sale. I can't remember which mascara i used >.<
A close up look. I was using the eyeliner from MAC, Powerpoint eye pencil in Teal. I like this color a lot! My bff commented that teal doesn't really match my purple lenses but i think it's Ok.

This is me then.. =)

Sorry for the short post, am really busy this whole week due to work =( boo...but I'm happy the weekend is near as I don't need to work this Saturday! It's the Diwali festival here in Singapore. I shall find time to blog this weekend, I promise =)

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  1. Finally it's the weekend here eh? :) it's been a long week for me too! I'll be blogging the weekend too hahaha! I love your purple contacts!! So pretty!

    Happy Deepavali to yoU! :)