Saturday, October 3, 2009

Purchase from Pris' Blog Sale

Hi~ I received the stuff i bought from Pris' blog sale this morning. SO happy! This is my first purchase online (yea, i know i'm slow). Anyway, there's always a first time for everything. I got 2 items from her, Givenchy Powder & Cream Eyeshadow Quartet in Black Denim and a Paul&Joe Eye Color in 94.
Look at these cute brushes..they are tiny but very cute!
Paul&Joe in 94

On my eye..I had to crop out the rest of the photo coz it's showing all the freckles on my face >.<
My colleague went to the Philippines last week and bought me this mascara from a local brand called Ever Bilena.
Look at the top corner eye, it closes and opens when you see it at a different angle.
Happy that i got my package and also it's Saturday! I was working though, now it's time for me to relax. Going to dinner soon and Bugis after that. Have a relaxing weekend everybody!


  1. Hi Jess!! Glad you got the items within this week! I was worried it would reach you only on Monday! I'm always excited to get stuff in the mail! :D I'm sorry I didn't include any freebies with the items you bought, I ran out of freebies to give out =x Hope you liked the eyeshadows! And do check out my blog sale form time to time. I will be updating it frequently :)

  2. oh you bought them from Priscilla's blog sale! They arrived very quickly! I love the Paul and Joe cases. It's always very pretty! Nice blog you have here!

  3. Pris: no problem about the freebie. i'm already very happy with the eye makeup! will definitely be checking out your blog sale frequently =)

    Popcorn: hehe..thanks for your comment. i've just joined your blog as a follower. the Paul&Joe eyeshadow i bought from Pris is the first item i have from Paul&Joe. i have read of only good things abt P&J, so wanted to try it out. =)

  4. Wowo that Givenchy eye shadow is soooo prettyyy!!! you're so lucky