Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last Haul Before November Comes

This is my last haul before my next pay day! Some stuff i got from Watsons:

Palmer's Olive Body Butter & Good Look hair mousse

The body butter has a really refreshing smell which i liked a lot. Initially wanted to get some lotion but saw this and thought of trying it. It is really moisturizing and has anti aging peptide complex (whatever that means). The hair mousse is really affordable, only $5.90 as compared to other brands like L'oreal, Sexy Girl, etc, which are usually above $10. However, it doesn't really hold my curls and tend to make them frizzy. Boo..I'll just stick to my styling gel (will post a picture of it next time).

Some face products: Activa Brightening Mask (less than $3), Fairy Drops Mascara (!!) & Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets.

The Cleansing Oil cotton sheets really work wonders. I usually buy the small packet as it's more convenient and i can just toss it in my gym bag. It's cheap as well. Around $3.

I really really like the packaging of Fairy Drops coz it's pink! The wand is unique, as you can see on the cover. I have not opened it yet, but have tried the demo at Watsons. I think it's pretty good. Perhaps i could do a review of this against another brand of mascara.

Ending my post with a NOTD. This is done with one of the $1 nail polish. This color is really sweet in person (i mean the color, not me, hehe).

Without flash

With flash

The texture is bad, not smooth at all, creates streaks and worst of all, the polish in the bottle is drying. This is just the first application! That's the result of $1 nail polish i guess >.<

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  1. omg. fairy drops mascara!! i saw this at watsons but i find it quite expensive for a drugstore mascara. and i wouldn't know if it is good :( so i got the maybelline cat eyes mascara (pink tube) instead. looking forward to your review on the fairy drops mascara!