Saturday, October 17, 2009

Never Ending Haul

Happy Deepavali! Before the weekend started, i've already bought some stuff which i kinda regretted. Anyway, the damage has been done, sadly. I was passing by Raffles Place at Chevron House when i chanced upon the Lancaster roadshow. It reminded me about the SMS that i received about the goodies bag. So, i went over to ask about it and as always, it's already fully redeemed. =( I was going to leave when i saw the Retinology was on display there. To make a long story short, i went away with a bag filled with Lancaster stuff.

I had a sample of this product previously from a magazine freebie. It was quite good as my skin looks smoother and brighter with continuous use of the product. It states that it lifts your face, making it look younger. I don't feel that though. The one i bought is 30ml which is quite ok considering you only need less than a pea size of it per application. Let's hope it will justify its price, $138! To me, it's quite pricey. I got some freebies though.

Also dropped by Watsons to look around and they were having a promo. Buy any 1 box of their in-house mask, get 2 pieces of masks free. I bought the Bird Nest one and got the Rose Water& Chamomile for free.

Had been wanting to get a red color lipstick for awhile now, and thought this Maybelline one looks ok.

Swatch - not very nice boo

Other random stuff i picked up.

Today, went to Orchard to meet my mom after her work and got some magazines from Prologue, a book shop in Ion. Wanted to get them coz of the GWP! Read about this from Haru's blog.

Elle had 3 freebies - The Body Shop Love Etc EDP 2ml, a pouch and a Biotherm White D-tox Nuit. Super worthy! Amica came with one i nouvi Liptreat. This is not bad too.

After reading so much about Etude House, i finally know where to find it in Singapore. The place is really quite hard to find if you are not familiar with Orchard area. It's located near to the MRT exit to CK Tang from Ion. Today they had a free mask for every person who walked into their store, i think even without purchase.

These are some stuff i got:

O2 White Mask Sheet is the freebie, while i got the Pomegranate mask, a couple of nail polish and a pink eyeshadow. The eyeshadow is really shimmery. Forgot to do a swatch though. Hehe..

Ending my post with a NOTD:

Gold Shimmer from Majolica Majorca

I think my post seems a little advertorial today. Haha..but no worries, it is not. I am simply a girl who cannot control the shopaholic inside her. I wish i was more of a 'save-aholic'!


  1. nice haul! can you do a review on the watson's birds nest mask pls! i've been wanting to try that!! thanks! :)

  2. okie pris. shall do it this weekend =)