Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mary Kay Samples

Here are some samples I got from my aunt, who is an agent for Mary Kay cosmetics in M'sia.
I think this brand is quite big in the US, not sure about that. You can visit their website here.

Mineral Eye Color in Dusty Lilac

I thought the size would be quite big but when I opened it, it's just as below:

Close up of the samples:

Mineral Eye Color in Denim Frost

Mineral Eye Color in Cinnabar

Mineral Eye Color in Moonstone

Mineral Cheek Color in Sunny Spice. Looks quite dark, no?Sorry I forgot to do the swatches. Should I do another post on it? Are you guys interested to see?

Side note, some gifts I got from my colleagues for Christmas. I wonder why are they all in purple? I've never told them I like purple though. Funny! In fact, I like pink. =) Maybe I give out the vibes that I am a purple kind of girl.

From left, Marks & Spencer's Hand & Body Lotion in Passion Flower, Gap Dream Body Spray & Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Exotic EDT Spray. I especially love the EA spray. Such a lovely smell =)


  1. ooo! how does the EA spray smell like? much like the green tea version??

  2. thanks Jessy! Happy new year too :)

  3. Pris: Forgot to reply to yr comment. Sorry..anyway, the kinda sweet. it's not as refreshing as the usual green tea one but that's fine with me coz i love sweet smells.. hehe

  4. that e/s in denim frost looks reaally nice! ive never really tried mary kay products, theyre not really that big here... i would say it's at par with avon?


  5. dusty lilac looks like a very pretty colour! :) xx