Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mini Haul & Aussie Goodies

My mini haul from O2, a local cosmetic brand. The brand offers affordable cosmetics and plus it was on sale!

Eye shadows, from top Enchantress Eye Shadow, bottom two are Symphony Eye Shadows.

SES in a black shimmery color. It looks like a dark brown, but the SA said it's black.

In a champange gold (no flash)

The ingredients

Enchantress Eyeshadow in a not-so-shimmery-purple

No flash

With flash

The ingredients

Some nail polishes:

The color is clearer under camera flash, olive green on the left and shimmery beige on the right.

Sorry I have not done any swatches of them yet. I'll try to use them this week and take some photos for your viewing pleasure. =) My total purchase for all these stuff came to around S$ 20, which is cheap!

On a side note, my colleague helped me to buy this Absolut Vodka Raspberry from the airport for only S$26.10! Of course i won't be drinking this alone, it's actually meant for pre-Zoukout. =D
My cousin came to Singapore from Australia and brought me these handmade Christmas cookies.

Look at the broken snowman =( These are all made by her. You can go check out her website.

Some Tim Tam and chocolates. Yummylicious!


  1. Dang! check out the uber cute packaging on O2!!!!! aww... i wish the states had that brand. sooo jealous* hehe. OMG even the nail polish is gorgeous! Anyways, nice haul!

  2. oooo! $20 is cheap! :D thats like $5 for each item. I've tested their shadows at the counter before. their shadows are really smooth and pigmented!! i've been hauling from the bodyshop recently! have yet to do a post on it :p

  3. Hey Jessy! No updates this weekend? :p missing your posts!