Saturday, December 26, 2009

World of GWPs

Sorry for the delay in posting. Had a terrible Christmas eve =p I was supposed to return to M'sia on eve night but the Causeway was super jam packed! I had to u-turn and the whole journey took me 4 hours just to get from Bugis to Woodlands and back to Bugis. Boo! Anyway, I'm safely home now in M'sia.

Moving on to the magazines GWPs that i mentioned in previous post. Here they are!

Cleo magazine came with 3 masks

Chic magazine came with a Julie Hewett lip balm.

The color looks orange but it's colorless when applied

L'Officiel came with a miniature fragrance from Lulu Catagnette and a mobile phone charm.

Cute bottle but so-so smell.

Nonno with Suzy's Zoo fluffy pouch.

Spring with Hello Kitty make up bag! <3

I did some hauling at home here in M'sia. Shall try to post it soon. Enjoy Boxing Day sales if there is any at your place. =)


  1. wow! so many goodies!! :D btw, there's a new korean makeup shop called Nature Republic @ Somerset 313!!! the prices are really reasonable! i got some masks + cosmetics to try :D

  2. lemme know how those masks are! I've seen them in CVS before, but the packaging is just so busy I didn't feel like trying it.

  3. thanks for the recommendation Pris~ Will go there to have a look.

    Steph: i'll review them here once i use them. i feel the same abt the packaging, looks weird and scary >.<