Saturday, December 5, 2009

FOTD, Mask Review and Eveything in Between

Aloha! Here's a FOTD i did one day some time last week for work.

The palette i used is the Majolica Majorca Majolook (Luminoustic) BR799.

I had some free time and was bored out of my mind, so surfed some YouTube videos for Bow Tie Hair Bun tutorial. I don't remember which one i refered to but here's the pic of my first try.

It's a little messy but looks ok. Would want to tie this one day and actually going out with it. Haha..

A simple EOTD for Sunday, only used eyeliners and mascara.

Lastly, review of Skinlite face mask that I got from Sasa.
Skinlite Royal Jelly Essence Mask

Its statement on the back of the pack.

The ingredients:

Here's the excess essence that I poured out from the pack for future use. So much!
The mask has a peculiar scent to it. It smelled a little bit like bubble gum. After application, the essence absorbed nicely into my face, without leaving any sticky residue that you tend to have with some other masks. However, a day or 2 after using this mask, I noticed some break outs on my face. I am wondering if the break outs are caused by the mask or it's due to my PMS. Hmm.. Anyway, I still have a couple more of this mask in different ingredients. Will do a follow up review about this. Also, it's very affordable at $1.95 per piece (buy 2 get 1 free). When i was at Sasa buying the mask and was leaving the store, i overheard a lady walking in saying that she'd want to get some Skinlite masks because Sasa is the only one carrying it! Seems like Skinlite has some fans here in Singapore. =)

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