Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a great celebration. Mine was ok and i wasn't too happy rushing into the new year. I don't really know why. I'm back in Malaysia again and here's my post of my buys last week.

My haul from Watsons

Saw this interesting mask and thought of trying it. Have not used it though.
A cheap nail polish for RM2. Color looks pretty in the bottle but it's blah when applied to nails.

The half pack left from the Nivea Visage mask that I used. It's not that great as it was like a cream type of mask. The instruction was to spread it on your face for 15 to 20 mins and to wipe off with a cotton pad. I always thought this type of mask needs to be rinsed off. I followed the instruction but I feel this mask doesn't really work for me. I'm thinking of what to do with this remaining half pack.

There is a Elianto shop in my town, which is quite surprising considering how small my town is. I learned from the SA that the shop was a franchise instead of a branch.

Here's my Elianto haul:Clockwise from top: Eyeshadow brush, pen eyeliner, Rimmel eyeliner (this is actually from my Watsons haul), lippy, 2 nail polishes

The light purple nail polish only cost RM1 if you purchase any item from the shop. I can't remember if it needs to be above a certain amount.

The lippy in a chocolatey color (I forgot what's the name and the lippy is not with me right now).
When i went out of the mall, I saw the swatch on my hand and the color kinda surprised me because it was orangy instead of chocolatey.

When i got home, i did one more swatch and this is with flash.
Without flashWhat do you think of the color? It's still ok right? I have not tried it on my lips, hopefully it won't be too orangy.

I really feel i need to have a break from all my hauling as there's some matter at home which will put a strain on my finance. Sigh.. I really hope it will be alright soon. I am too tired and stressed out to handle it. Sorry for the sudden outburst but I just need to let it out. =) Thanks for reading!


  1. great haul! and happy new year!

  2. Hi Jess! Oh, what i meant was, the mask helps to "extract" the clogged pore. which i prefer as i won't want that clogged pore stuck in my face forever haha... i haven't found missha yet. will try again tomorrow :p but i'm about to start project 10 pan so i won't be hauling till im done with 10 products. :( elianto is a great brand! i love their eyeshadows. want to get their baked blushes too.

    i think the colour of the lippie looks alright. seems like a very nude shade. should be easy for you to wear? :)

    hope everything goes well with your family! take care! happy new year!!

  3. thanks for the comments girls..
    pris: i think i need to start project 10 pan too..too many unopened cosmetics!!

  4. Nice haul, Jessy! :) I think the lippie color looks nice. Hope things work out for you.

    Happy 2010!

  5. A Happy New Year!
    I wanna try NIVEA mask too! I like smells of NIVEA's

  6. hey Jessy! You've won my give away! I will need your email to send u the details :) u can email me at