Sunday, November 1, 2009

Review of Fairy Drops & Maybelline Volume Express

Happy Belated Halloween!

Sorry a day late to wish you all. Anyway, hope you all had an enjoyable night last night. As for me, i have been bitten by the flu bug. So, had to stay at home to nurse my flu away. Seems like i am always falling sick lately.

Moving on to something i did today, had time on my hands and utilized it to do a review of Fairy Drops against Maybelline Volume Express.

Fairy Drops on the left and Maybelline VE on the right. (I just found out that FD is under Mandom)

The description on FD cover

The unique wand (this reminds me about Rimmel's mascara)

Maybelline VE wand

My bare naked eyelash

I don't use any primer or curler before applying the mascara. Here are the results:

As you can see, FD doesn't really lengthen the lashes as much as VE.

Side View
Both don't really curl the lashes too. However, if used with curler, it should give a good result.

Top View

VE is so obviously longer than FD.

Front view

With this review done, i can definitely say that Maybelline Volume Express gives good volume and lengthening effects. FD is not that clumpy as compared to VE. This can always be solved with a lash comb. Both are are not that easy to remove maybe because of my lousy eye makeup remover (from Missha). Anyone can recommend a good one to me?

All in all, i love both mascaras eventhough FD fall short of my expectation. I still like it because of the pink packaging. Haha! I've been using VE for a while now and am loving it. I do have other mascaras like Lancome, Sasa and Rimmel which i don't find as good as VE. I have a new one from Body Shop which i have yet to open. It's blue! Shall do a review on it some day. Hope you guys find this review helpful.

Update: I just saw the tube of VE, it states 'Hypercurl' but it didn't really curled my lashes that well.


  1. Hi Jessy! Thank you for the great review!! Dont think i will be purchasing the FD after reading your review ;p the FD really pales in comparison to VE! my tube of the cat eye version also has the "hypercurl" but it doesnt really curl as well as other japanese mascaras.

    do you have Rimmel's mascara? the one which has a similar brush as FD's? i was thinking of trying that out too! will wait for watson's 20% off to get it :p

    another great drugstore mascara would be ZA's cutie curl volume mascara :)

    i would recommend u Loreal's biphase makeup remover for eyes and lips. the one by maybelline is as good too. cheap and effective. for cleansing oil, i would say...Fancl! its my HG! ive been using it for years! removes face + eye makeup :) its an all in one product!

  2. Thanks for the recommendations Pris..that was quick! i do have a Rimmel but i can't remember which one coz i gave it to my mom's friend already..hehe. It's a light blue tube, not the one with the unique wand. It was really really hard to remove. =p
    Once i get my pay, shall get the makeup remover that you recommended! Actually i just bought the Sephora Cleansing Water, but it is also not that effective. and my failed purchases. Shall seek for your advise next time i wanna get something..=)

  3. haha, you could use the Sephora Cleansing Water as a brush cleaner if it doesn't work on your skin. :p that's what i did with the mandom makeup remover! :)

  4. Hmm I guess VE Hypercurl and Turbo Boost are two different mascaras eh?
    Have you tried the Turbo Boost one? It's also my favorite mascara for now. I swear by it. Lol. Maybelline Mascaras rocks AND they're also affordable! :)

  5. bi facil from lancome is good. lil oily.

    I have fairy drops too and i really love how it gives me a natural look with longer lashes. Guess I will now be looking into volume express!

  6. Wow, Volume Expresse looks really good!
    I like Maybelline. I think that it's a good brand :)

  7. thanks all for commenting on my post! yea, maybelline does have a lot of good mascaras. i was using a few of the other range like lash discovery and unstoppable. both are really good but VE hypercurl is my latest obsession. =)

  8. I love Maybelline's Volume Xpress Turbo Boost. It's works great for me on all fronts.

    Just found your lovely blog. Followed! :)