Sunday, November 15, 2009

FOTN & Misc

Aloha! How's your weekend so far? Mine was good. Had some good partying last night. =) Here are some things that we all love, beauty products!

Pupa 4EYES Pallete in 03

The palette in natural light

With flash

Swatches in natural light

With flash

elf Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Baby Lips. The color looks wonderful in the tube but i have not swatch it so, it's still questionable. It came in a twistable tube, which is usually used for glosses. Nice!

Some make up brushes from Grobi. I dont know what brand is this, anyone has any idea?

It has 5 brushes and 2 powder puffs

FreshKon color lenses. I got it at $50 for 3 boxes, usually it retails at $20+ per pair.

I have very very bad eyesight! -7.50

My FOTN for partying. It's a bit subtle, i was trying to go for a more dramatic look but unsuccessful. Didn't have enough time to do more.

Sorry about the messy hair. Also, have not put on any lippy before taking the photo. This should have been an EOTN?

A closer look at the eye shadow. The palette i used is the Givenchy it. =)
Mascara is from Maybelline, Volume Express Hypercurl.

Actually, i'm having some infection on my right eye. As you can see, the eyelid is swollen as compared to the left. Boo. It is better if i do not put on any make up or contact lens, it'll help my eye to heal faster..but alas for the love of beauty and my vanity..

Hope you enjoyed reading my post. Bonne nuit!


  1. hope your eye gets better! i get eye styes quite often too :(

    the pupa eye palette is gorgeous! how much does it retail for??

  2. thanks pris.. my eye is still the feels a bit painful. will be taking sick leave tomorrow and rest at home.

    the palette is $23 at Sasa. They are having a 20% discount on it too! very reasonable price i think. there are 3 other colors, purple, green and silver/gold if i don't remember wrongly. go take a look!

  3. i went to sasa and didnt see the brown palette there :( anyway! i spent my money on some esprique precious! ahha..i got their christmas set :D