Sunday, November 22, 2009

My HG Cleanser

Hello..It's Saturday but sadly i'm working again! I even need to work tomorrow. =(

Anyway, I wanted introduce you to my HG cleanser, which i've been using for a couple of years now. In between, I did change to other brands but my HG is still the best.

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed

The description on the box

This is a new packaging/formula which was launched i think early of 2009? Previously it's just a gentle foaming cleanser withOUT cottonseed. The one that i use is for normal to combination skin. It is not drying and really cleans the face. As compared to the cleanser from Lancome, Clarins' is so much better. Love it!

As I have really bad skin, I need to go for my monthly facial to ensure it will not get worse. When I was in my teens, i had a bad case of acnes. This left scars on my face which are still visible now. My face also have lots of freckles which i am very worried about. Nowadays, i mostly get blackheads and whiteheads on my face, especially when i am stressed or tired due to work. The place i go to for my indulgence is Adonis. It's a local brand in Singapore and have expanded to other countries like Malaysia and Hong Kong.

The facial comes in packages that you can purchase e.g. 10 times, 20 times, 30 times, etc. One thing which i don't like about them is that the beauty consultant always persuade you to take an expensive package or buy their products. Unfortunately, i have a soft heart and did buy some stuff from them. -_-'''

Phyto Mask and Phyto Serum

According to the BC, these range can help to even my skin tone, lighten my freckles, etc (which i can't really remember). I really hope it will do all the magical things to my face but one thing i can say is that Adonis is really suitable for my skin. The ingredients are usually plant based.

As i was in Vivo City, thought of dropping by MAC to have a look and went home with something.

House of Mirth Deep Lip bag!

It consists of a Dazzleglass, Lip pencil (Cedar)& a Lippy.

I love the bag, it's pink~

Lippy in Fantasia

Dazzleglass in Get Rich Quick. How can i get rich quick? I've already spent some dough on this. Hoho..

Happy family of lippies!

Christmas is near and i got some tumblers from Starbucks as Christmas gifts. =)

I actually finished this post only on Sunday night.. =p


  1. Great haul! I love the dazzleglass you got, such a lovely copperish color. I thought ALL the possible shades of lipgloss have been made but MAC always proves me wrong :)

    And aww I got soft heart too and bought expensive stuff from my local skincare clinic where I go facial. You're not alone! Heheh..

  2. ooo nice MAC stuff!!! Nice review on Clarins!

  3. i need to go for monthly facials too :( recently my skin has been acting up again. lots of clogged pores and scarring from pimples :( so i'm going for facials every once in 2 weeks now. so sad! it's so expensive! i used to buy stuff from my BC too. but now that i'm trying to save $$$ i have stopped being soft hearted hahaha. i just tell her i dont have $ for it :p

    nice haul btw! ;D