Monday, November 9, 2009

Random Haul 2

Sorry, wanted to post this on Sunday but forgot about it. >.< Here are some magazines that have great GWPs. Firstly it's Amica, only Kinokuniya has this GWP.

It came with perfume samples by Narciso Rodriguez.

InRed (Jap magazine) came with a Tsumori Chisato tote bag. The print on the tote is too cute!

Moving on to some buys from Watsons, my favorite store.

I finally bought a good eye make up remover, from Maybelline. It is pretty effective as compared to Missha but Fairy Drops mascara is really stubborn. It won't budge and i need to apply at least twice of the remover to get it off. The remover works well with Maybelline mascara though. Also got a lippy. Have not done a swatch of it yet.

ZA have a two way foundation set that came with 2 refills, a casing and a heart shaped pouch.

The casing is really sweet and kawaii. You can see my camera's reflection on it. =)

On a side note, some tid bits i got. Jagabee purple potato!

Sorry again for the short post. It's really late now and i need my ZZzzZZ. Nite nite!


  1. OOO nice haul! i think we might have got the same lippie! hehe...ZA case is very pretty! too bad their foundation doesnt work for me. Makes my skin itch like crazy! :(

    speaking of Tsumori, the collection is out at taka! are u planning to get anything?? the eye and face plaette is a whooping $130!!!!

  2. ooh..i actually really like ZA foundation but the palette is really thin, finish quite fast. now i'm using body shop's one, which is ok ok but not really fantastic. =)
    i don't think i'm getting the tsumori palette. it's too costly for me! if you are, do post abt it!