Sunday, November 8, 2009

Random Haul

Hello..long time no post! As usual, have been busy with work. Clocking in almost 12 hours every day in the office, especially if it's beginning of the month. Anyway, let's forget about that. We shall move to something we are all interested haul!

I bought some stuff from Sasa Bugis. My main intention going there is actually just to browse around but...always end up with some purchases.

Sasa Sparkling Jelly Eyeshadow in 01 Shimmer Gold:

Without flash

With flash

It is not too sparkly but i guess it would be a good base shadow? I don't have any gold eye shadow before. Am wondering what color to pair it with. Shall do some experimentation. The texture of the shadow is not really jelly-like. When you touch it, it's really soft and kind of creamy but not as creamy as cream shadow. You get what i mean? haha

Also got some masks from Skinlite as it was having a 'buy2 get 1 free' promotion. From left: Refining Herb, Green Tea Essence and Royal Jelly Essence. It is only $1.95 for 1.

Something interesting i saw: Repair Foot Pack! It's like a mask for your feet. Also $1.95 for 1. Can give this a try as i have really dry feet and cracked heels.. =(

Beauty Labo Leave-On Treatment Gel for colored hair. I have used this before and it is kinda effective. Of course it is not comparable to Kerastase or other professional hair care brand but i am on a budget, so gotta watch my pocket!

Cute bottle

Traveling beauty kit:

Came with a lot of stuff, a mirror, big tooth comb, toothbrush, face towel, 2 empty bottles, 2 little containers and of course a pouch. Only $3! Initially wanted to get the bottle only, it already costs $1.55 for 2 bottles. This so much more worth it. =) Btw, the bottles are meant for the excess essence from my face mask (got this tip from Pris).

Face wash sponge

Whew..that was quite a lot of random stuff but all beauty related. I have 'burnt' some more cash today. Got some stuff from Watsons and Kinokuniya. Shall post it in a while!


  1. great shopping ^^ I like these eye shadows, sparkling <3

  2. OOo the Sasa Jelly Eyeshadow looks interesting! I didn't see that before. Is it a new item?? Haha, you got containers specially for the mask serum =) i just used any old skincare container =x I did some hauling myself too!! Went to Elianto (some korean brand?? or is it malaysian? cos its imported by a KL company)got a baked eyeshadow duo + foundation brush!! cant wait to use them :D

  3. ooo nice haul! the blue travel kit is so cute!