Monday, February 20, 2012

Eyeliners Swatches - Elianto & elf

Here are the swatches of the forgotten eyeliners mentioned in the previous post. Unfortunately one of it is a 'FAIL'. 

elf Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in black (left) and Liquid Eyeliner in Midnight (right)

Elianto StayOn Eyeliner Pen in black (middle)

As you can see, the elf Waterproof Eyeliner Pen is already faded and watery. I guess I have kept it unopened for too long and the ink has vaporized? LOL 

Elianto pen tip VS. elf Liquid eyeliner brush

 I've also swatched some other liquid/pen eyeliner that I have to see how they look against each other.

From top: Kate super sharp liner, essence eyeliner pen, Etude House Oh m'Eye Line, Elianto, elf & FAIL elf :p

 All eyeliners are in black except for Etude House in 02 (I think it's dark grey) and elf Liquid Eyeliner in Midnight (a dark navy blue).

Taken in flash, sorry if it's blurry as I used my iphone for the pics

A photo of the rest of the eyeliners in case you are interested on how they look like. Essence is a Eurpoean brand that just entered into Singapore's market and it's highly recommended for super affordable cosmetics. The eyeliner pen that I got was only S$5.40. I was so tempted to get the nail polishes as well but I managed to refrain myself =)

Thanks for reading!

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