Saturday, August 20, 2011

I miss blogging!

It's been exactly one year since my last post. I've been slacking for so long, I thought I should get back to blogging. Wanted to document my 'make-up' journey and also bits and pieces of my life, so that one day when I look least I know where have I spent all my money..LOL.

Been thinking of doing this post about showdown between 3 BB creams that I have thought of buying after reading Haru's post about non-Korean BB creams, you can take a look here.

My bff advised me to get a sample of each brand to try before purchasing the full sized item. The 3 brands are Dior, Biotherm and Clinique.

From L-R: Diorsnow (3ml), Biotherm White D-tox (5ml), Clinique (teensy bit- they didn't have a sample size, so they gave me some of the BB cream in the mini container that you see above)

The samples

Swatches, from top left (clockwise), Clinique, Dior & Biotherm. Please pardon my freckled hand >_<

My bff, who's a fan of Dior kept persuading me to get Diorsnow but I resisted the urge, as I need to try out all before deciding.

My verdict after trying out all 3? As below..

Dior: Not too heavy, quite liquidy in texture, easy to blend and not too oily. After applying it in the morning, I topped it off with MAC loose powder and I only need to blot maybe after lunch time.

Biotherm: Almost same texture as Dior but lighter in colour. Easy to blend as well. Almost the same staying power as Dior. I would say the coverage is lesser than Dior.

Clinique: Texture is creamier, not so easily blended. Felt a bit dry but made my face oily in shorter span of time as compared to Dior and Biotherm. Coverage is so-so, not very fantastic and colour is very light as well. Perhaps this came in the mini container and caused it to be exposed to air easily, the cream was dried up after one week. Boo.

Overall, I would say Clinique is out of the race, it's a tie between Dior and Biotherm. Dior is definitely on the higher price side..I'm still undecided on which one I should get. Currently I'm using Skin79 and Cybercolor BB creams but finishing soon. Shall update once I've decided on which one to get!

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